About the label

Craftsmanship is at the heart of the small company: multidisciplinary artist, designer and stylist Ini Neumann founded We Are Studio Studio in early 2016 to create functional and aesthetically sophisticated design objects that are primarily made of natural materials and are transparent in their production. Today, Ini Neumann focus on one-off ceramics, which they produce by hand in her studio in Hamburg.

With clear shapes, a mainly natural colour palette that is occasionally mixed with bright colours, and the highest quality, We Are Studio creates pieces that are as beautiful as they are sustainable and long-lasting.

Spring collection

We're in the middle of Summer! The season of long days and warm nights brings a fresh wave of brightness and joy. My ceramics collection now features vibrant new colors and floral-shaped designs that capture the lively spirit of summer. Plus, the shop boasts some exciting non-ceramic product innovations. Embrace the season with these delightful additions!

Non Ceramics

Explore the latest additions to our non-ceramic collection.

Hugo Shelfy

The HUGO Shelfy offers plenty of space on four levels to showcase books, magazines, art objects and much more. It is easy to assemble and available in five different colours.

Gift Cards

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