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Today is the day: the new website is now live and with it I’m also happy to unveil my new logo and – most importantly -– a selection of beautiful new ceramic and first non-ceramic highlights.

Take me to the new We Are Studio Studio website

The relaunch drop contains a first glimpse of the many new ideas that have come with the change and the break I’ve taken since the end of last year. 

With less pressure and more time to really be creative and design, I’ve felt more inspired than I have in a long time. What you see here in the relaunch drop were my absolute favourites to start with – and be sure there will be many more coming this year.

First of all: our signature HUGO Mug is now available in a range of new summery glazes such as coral, baby blue or pop green, complemented by some of the most popular matte glazes. And then there are two new products just in time for summer, inviting you into a candy cosmos: the two-tone IRMA Mug, which shines in a variety of bright colours, and the SMILLA Ice Cream Bowl, which I've designed in both vibrant and muted shades. SMILLA is sure to be our favourite dessert companion this season (and long after). 


Among the ceramics, the SHELL Serving Dish is just another recent addition to our line – bringing a sea breeze to the table. The small, flat platter made of transparent glazed stoneware has the shape of a shell and is perfect for all your delicious culinary appetisers.

And there’s more: due to popular demand, we decided to introduce our display shelf into our regular collection and are excited to offer you the playful design in collaboration with the Hamburg-based Møbelwerft Tischlerei. So here it is: the HUGO Shelf.

The relaunch also marks the beginning of a new phase for me with We Are Studio Studio.

Browsing the website, you'll notice that there are not only new products, but a whole new look for We Are Studio Studio. After about seven years, the time was right for a new logo. I feel that this new logo fits perfectly with how I've come to see We Are Studio Studio: I love the calmness of reduced, clear shapes, but also the beauty of playful, fun colours and experiments. It's now also embedded in a fresh, new website design that likewise represents the interplay of both minimalism and warmth.

That said, thank you so much for following my journey with We Are Studio Studio.

There have been so many highs and lows over the past seven years, but it's always been absolutely worth it – because I continue to believe in the beauty and uniqueness of contemporary craftsmanship. And I see that you do too! That’s something to be very grateful for.


Enjoy browsing through the new collection and the new website!

Good things take time,


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