Breakfast Plate Birdy

Breakfast Plate Birdy

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Classic Breakfast Plate in Birdy. A matt brown glaze with dark spots which is solid and easy to clean.

Wie alle unsere Steinzeug-Keramikobjekte wird auch der Frühstücksteller in unserem Studio in Hamburg individuell gedreht und anschließend glasiert. Leichte Abweichungen in Form sowie Glasur können auftreten und sind charakteristischer Teil des manuellen Herstellungsprozesses. Jedes Stück ist somit ein unverwechselbares Unikat.

Like all our stoneware ceramic objects, the breakfast plate is individually wheel-thrown in our studio in Hamburg and glazed afterwards. Slight variations in shape and glaze may occur and are a characteristic part of the manual manufacturing process. This makes each piece truly unique.

Ø: 23 cm
Lieferzeit: 3-10 Tage

Preis gilt pro Stück.

Microwaves and ovens are discouraged.

All pieces are dishwasher safe.

Shipping within 5 - 10 business days.

Handmade in Hamburg

We Are Studio Studio has constantly evolved while remaining true to their core values. Our unwavering commitment to the beauty and uniqueness of contemporary craftsmanship sets us apart. Each ceramic and object piece is meticulously handcrafted and ensured that every item is a work of art.