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Zoom Willo's Beetroot
Zoom Willo's Beetroot
Zoom Willo's Beetroot
Zoom Willo's Beetroot

Willo's Beetroot


There's a new addition to our PLAY series! Together with atelier.von, we have created a selection of elaborately handcrafted, naturally dyed fruit and vegetables made of beech wood: “Willo’s Garden” – a collection that turns the kids' room into an exciting, wild garden. The "Willo's Garden" collection consists of blueberries, cherries, oranges and plums as well as radishes, beetroot, tomatoes and onions.

Each wooden object is sewn by atelier.von and dyed with vegetable dyes, every step done by hand. This makes their production a complex process that takes a lot of time and know-how. The results are unique, natural products of the highest quality. All the pieces in the collaboration are both carefully crafted toys and artistic, one-of-a-kind objects. They not only invite the little ones to creative play, but are also the epitome of sustainability for us. Check out our blog post (Verlinkung) to learn more about the production process and the individual colours used for dyeing.

Please note that the nine different pieces of fruit and vegetables are sold individually. Click here for the collection overview.

Product features:

Fruit and vegetables made from wood
Hand sewn, naturally dyed

Beetroot: The wooden balls are pre-treated with organic soy milk and naturally dyed with mahonia berries. Mahonia berries were used to dye the ribbon, cochineal was used for the linen fabric and indigo and goldenrod were used for the cotton.

Warning: Choking hazard – small parts
Not for children under 2 years
Country of manufacture: Germany

Measurements: 20cm

Price per piece

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