Zoom Salad Bowl Käthe #2

Salad Bowl Käthe #2


Stoneware bowl, handpainted and glazed with transparent glaze.

height: 6 cm
width: 20 cm

"Creatures of Clay" is a sample collection of one of a kind ceramic pieces, highlighting the artistic potential of the traditional handicraft.

We will never get tired of exploring the wide spectrum of possibilities clay provides us with, and allowing us to add an artistic aspect to it. Whether experiments with shapes and dimensions, with glazes or even hand-painted patterns and motifs, clay is such a wonderful material to work with, isn't it? For us, it's perfect. This may be because WASS co-founder Ini is not only a self-taught pottery maker but also an illustrator and designer.

Therefore, most of the objects you will find here are the result of those experiments. We like to call them "happy accidents“. But they all have one thing in common: They are carefully made one of a kind pieces with personality and character.


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